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 LED Identification Displays: Programmable
No other VIS Display Panels can Compette with Ours for Durability and Ease of Use.LED Specs at a Glance

12 inch available in 2-Digits, 3-Digits,
and 4-Digits

Maintenance Free – Most Dependable in the Industry

Positively identify vehicles on the job-site

Bright and Rugged LED Displays.

VID’s beam through dusty air and weather.

Field Tested for Over 10 Years

Backlit Vehicle Display
Visit Backlit Vehicle ID Page

Visit Backlit Vehicle ID Page
  • Designed for 24 hour use: the Vehicle ID Display is programmed for brighter illumination in the daytime and a sensor dims the LED output for nighTime use.

  • Alpha-Numeric VIDs can be programmed for all numeric and all 26 alpha characters.

  • Once programmed, the numbers or letters use Locking technology and do not need reprogramming upon shut down and startup.

  • SafetyWhips has built-in Secure Protection technology. This insures safe-site operation by preventing VIDs fromdisplaying incorrect characters

  • Light weight and Easy to mount - VID’s can be installed by one technician

  • Tough and dependable, SafetyWhips VID’s come with a 5 year warranty

  • Super-sealed internally as well as externally. SafetyWhips VIDs are protected from dirt, moisture, high-pressure washing and vibration. External damage to your VID will not affect its continued operation.

  • Available in red, amber, green, blue LEDs.

  • Custom color frames available
Visit Backlit Vehicle ID Page
Conveniently change the digits (1 to 9)
or characters* ( including all letters A - Z ) ,
using magnetic switches.
They stay set until changed again with magnet.

*on alpha-numeric models only

Standard 3 digit panel
(above Red w/magnet

VIDEO of VID in Water Tank Demonstration

VIDEO of VID Display
Magnetic Character Selection


Vertical VID
14 x 39 inches
26 lbs




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