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Magnet mount strobes
Magnet Mount Strobes


Self-Powered Options

SL-182R: Red Lens SL-182A:
Amber Lens Portable Signal Lights,
Magnetic Mount.

A weather resistant.
alternative to road flares
or use in towing.

Magnet back shown in lower image

9 VOLT BATPACK: Use for a great temporary alternative to hard-wiring your whip.
An excellent­­ back-up power supply for your AL8F of AL6F whip-top lights Expected hour of use: With AL8F-CLED, 25 to 30 hours with AL6F LED, 12 to 15 hours

9Volt powere back 9vBox-phono: 9Volt temporary Supply Adapter
9volt power Supply 9vBox-RCA: 9Volt temporary Supply Adapter


The BatPack-ER Kit, fits an existing 1156 socket whip or use set-screw base. It can also be used as a temporary light source in lieu of wiring. Includes both base options, the 3 CR2 3 V batteries, and AL8F light (in your choice of color).

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